A wednesday in winter

(a ten minute poetry challenge)

The robin that feeds at my window

whispers a hymn

and tentatively

I follow, stepping by streams

that seek no rest.

Cold stares from stones

betray my mind,

the fall has never been so welcome.

My body opens in weakness

as sundrops shine holy light

on my broken pieces with tender peace.

A communion of presence,

and a remembering of place.

Still, seen, sung into silence.

Resurrection; the ebb and flow

of natures song.

I go back to my window.

I am home again.

Life givers – trees – a poem

Dream weavers, nest peepers,

mood lifters, time changers,

shadow shifters, light sifters,

softly whisper

to us.

Majestic giant memory keepers

reach out

with fronded fingers at their feet

and tickle our senses,

holding our secrets,

silently, expectantly

waiting for the two leggeds to


We are the forest children,

wandering along well worn paths

that lead us

on a journey

back into ourselves.

Our woodland home.