Life givers – trees – a poem

Dream weavers, nest peepers,

mood lifters, time changers,

shadow shifters, light sifters,

softly whisper

to us.

Majestic giant memory keepers

reach out

with fronded fingers at their feet

and tickle our senses,

holding our secrets,

silently, expectantly

waiting for the two leggeds to


We are the forest children,

wandering along well worn paths

that lead us

on a journey

back into ourselves.

Our woodland home.


Published by

Claire Marsden

Hi, I'm a qualified occupational therapist with a passion for nature, mindfulness and well-being. I have a painful chronic illness that I'm learning to navigate life with, my second after recovering from a previous illness three years ago. I guess I'm a bit of an expert at living life with ill-health ! I still try and hike and I plan on attempting some long distance hikes in the future, it may just take me longer than most other people. I hope you will find my words of use on your own journey to well-being

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